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Every bike ordered is delivered 90% pre-assembled and individually packaged in a box designed to protect your purchase during shipping and handling.

Each bike is inspected before being packaged and each box is inspected to ensure that there is no visible damage from the time it leaves the manufacturing facility to when it is delivered to our warehouses and distribution centres.

Once your purchase is taken for shipment by the delivery company and before it is delivered to the address specified on your invoice, each box is visually inspected once again.

FEDEX makes all deliveries. If FEDEX is not available, deliveries are made by a nationally and/or internationally renowned courier service.

Only the delivery address specified on your invoice may be covered by our free delivery service. Any other address will be refused or special arrangements will have to be made in writing with our customer service department.


Most of continental North America (United States) is covered by our included delivery service.


Except for the following American states: Alaska, Hawaii and Porto Rico, the other 48 American states are covered by our delivery service. If however your address is located in one of these 48 states, but has unusual features (example: can be accessed only by boat, etc.), one of our customer service representatives will contact you by phone or email to make special arrangements. Unless you authorize these arrangements in writing (email), you will not be charged any additional expenses and the order will be cancelled without any penalty.


No exchange or return is accepted except for a delivery error, such as the delivery of a model other than the one ordered in writing by you.

All of our bikes are covered and protected by a warranty given by the manufacturer Schwinn. Please refer to the “Manufacturer’s Warranty” section of this site and/or read the warranty booklet contained in your bike’s delivery box.

In case a box is visibly damaged during transportation, you are asked not to open it and not unpack the bike. You must directly contact our customer department.